Wyoming Author Pens Time-Travel Romance Series

Wyoming Author Pens Time-Travel Romance Series


Like the long-rifle he writes about, Edward J. Schneider fires off some explosive new literature in his Parallel Past series. Rousing nostalgia for the ol’ Wild West, Schneider’s novels appeal to a variety of readers’ interests: romance, time travel, sci-fi, and the American frontier.

Books 1 and 2 (The Plunge and The Renewal, respectively) are available now for digital purchase through online retailers worldwide. The third book in the series is anticipated for delivery in the spring.

This romantic tale develops through the sagas of a savvy young woman of the future, year 2150, who is catapulted into the Old West of 1850 America. With the help of an internal, personalized computer chip and futuristic clothing and devices, Chandra Jarvis embraces the pioneering spirit of the people living and emigrating on the Oregon Trail. Through a multitude of exhilarating adventures, she hones her strengths, faces her fears, and learns to love on a more enriching level than she has ever before known.

Schneider is a big fan of the Wyoming terrain he calls home, and the rich history of the area. In fact, he says many of the residents possess the spirit of the American frontier still to this day, “like the pioneers who lived here 160 years ago.”

Take a walk on the wild side—the west, that would be. Pick up your digital copies of the first two Parallel Past novels—The Plunge and The Renewal—at your favorite online retailer, including Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and the iBookstore, to name a few.  And stay-tuned for more of that Schneider “Pow!” in Book 3 this spring!

Author: www.edwardjschneider.com

Publisher: www.thewordverve.com


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