WOW Moments

WOW Moments

by Jan Fix, owner/editor

During my daily encounters with our customers, this country’s students, teachers, publishers, writers, and other business professionals, and with my fellow editors at thewordverve, I am reminded to appreciate and admire our many talents and gifts.

I can be pouring my coffee in the morning or about to close the computer for the night.  I can be eating a PB&J or writing a check.  I can be transcribing an interview or redlining a letter.  And suddenly I am infused with one of those moments, where someone shines a WOW light in my eyes and I am reminded of why I love my job. Sometimes it’s hidden in a phrase; other time, it’s hinted in an attitude.  It can come in the form of a package or an email or during a phone call:  a recommendation, a mantra, a good feeling, a hope, a dream, a joke, an irony.

So many of my customers and coworkers have added some spice to my life personally.  I hope in some similar good ways, I share a positive wavelength of my own.  I’m a living, breathing patchwork quilt, made of up the many amazing interactions I share each day through this great industry.

I can’t wait for next WOW moment, which surely is just around the corner. Enough gush, now back to work!


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