When First We Practice to Deceive (book 3)

When First We Practice to Deceive (book 3)

In the aftermath of the explosion, the music industry continues in its soul-crushing vortex of creating superstars and spinning lies into truth. The Grants, royals of rock-n-roll, make a decision that will strain Ben’s family and lead a killer to their front door. Chris wrestles with his obsession over the only woman he ever loved. His solo career thrives as his fragile marriage suffers under the weight of jealousy and unspeakable betrayal.

The walls continue to crumble around LSI’s mighty fortress. Jameson Lockhardt has used every weapon in his arsenal to avoid the exposure of his past. A past that includes the details behind his failed marriage, his son’s illness, and a trail of bodies upon which he built his recording empire. Only Ross Alexander knows the truth about the biggest name – the biggest monster – in entertainment. And Jameson has left him nothing to lose.

An unsuspecting Bobby Lockhardt prepares to take over upon his father’s retirement. Raised by a mother no one discusses, he has compartmentalized his life into two distinct periods: the past and the future. He struggles with both. But when the chance for love challenges him to confront his demons, he finds shocking answers to questions he never dared ask.

Reporter Miles Macy and his Metro Dade allies grow frustrated as they continue their off the books investigation into the Grant murders. A mysterious riddle from an anonymous source, previously concealed evidence, and a voice from the past converge to fill in missing pieces and provide closure to more than one grieving family.

Loyalties shift, bonds of love are tested, and friendships are strengthened. Life and death meet head-on in a cataclysmic finale that will shake the foundations of an entire industry.

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