I’m Watching You

I’m Watching You

By Barbara Cohea, guest blogger ~

I would have never dreamed that a big-town girl like me. . . okay, a middle-class matron . . . oh, all right (!), a baby-Cohea_Final_RGB_jpgboomer on the cusp of her sixth decade on planet Earth . . . would have made it out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, traveled the world 47th class all the way, only to discover this: people are the same no matter where you go.

Far from our familiar lives, knuckleheads all across the world continue to do the same ridiculously stupid things that you, me, and our neighbors are up to all the time.

Just remember: someone like me is watching and laughing at you, er, uh, with you. Yeah, that’s it, I’m laughing WITH you.


Barbara is a humor columnist for Outreach NC magazine and recently published her first collection of witty essays, Intelligent Life on Earth? The Search Continues.

How to purchase? Click here.

Visit the author at www.barbaracohea.com for more about this brilliant funny-maker.




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