Two Falling Waters (Bonds in Love & War Series, book 2)

Two Falling Waters (Bonds in Love & War Series, book 2)

The battle continues between the new nation and the British.
Freedom, lives, and property are at stake.
Independence must be won at all costs. There is no turning back.
Nestled within the mountains of North Georgia, Two Falling Waters is a magical place of beauty, much desired by the officers of the British crown. Leaders of the Patriot cause—Rob Glynne and his comrades—are determined that the land remain safe from the blood-stained and greedy hands of the enemy. Furthermore, the personal vendetta of the Burntthornes against the Glynne family and friends must also be put to rest. A critical component of independence lies in the ability to destroy British war goods and supplies—and destroy they shall.

Intertwined with the chaos of war is the amazing ability of the human heart to fall in love. Romance blossoms despite adversity. Follow the story of love, war, hate, and perseverance as the saga continues in Two Falling Waters.


“Not unlike the mythical weaver who spun his threads of gold, David Tippens spins his tales of old by weaving his fiction with historical fact, resulting in wonderful golden narratives threading through the American landscape and experience.” ~ Larry Cavender, radio personality, retired English teacher, and author of A Patchwork Quilt, Another Patchwork Quilt, and soon to be released, The World Turned Upside Down

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