Three Scarred Oaks (Bonds in Love & War Series, book 3)

Three Scarred Oaks (Bonds in Love & War Series, book 3)

The long war with the British rages on with seemingly no end in sight. In Georgia and the Carolinas, the fighting is especially intense and harsh.

The Glynnes and their fellow Patriots are fierce in their quest to oust the hated British from the country. Numerous small but important skirmishes take place with the British and Loyalists, sometimes with Creek or Cherokee warriors. The Glynnes are instrumental in providing leadership, men, weapons, ammunition, and food for the cause.

The Burntthorne family, loyal subjects of the British Crown, continue in their quest to destroy the Glynne family and anyone associated with them. Will their endless greed and desire for vengeance come to an end when the war is over?

The thrilling saga continues in this, the third book in the Bonds in Love & War series.

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