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Please … Don’t Stop!

Please … Don’t Stop!

Three recent comments that are bigger than my brain:

  1. Daughter asks, ” So, what if they had an Olympics for editing?”
  2. Acquaintance posts, “Heartbreak can be life threatening.”
  3. Author says, “You really do care about your authors.” So it’s obvious! How sweet is that?

So many things to ponder.

Janet Fix

Owner and editorial big cheese (because everybody loves cheese!), is ultimately responsible for every edit that leaves this virtual door. A writer herself and a champion for authors, she has vast knowledge in all levels of editing, style guides and trends, marketing zing, and publishing.

  • Tess Eagles/ 24.02.2014Reply

    I think heartache gets way too underestimated. How unsurprising those words are that it can be life threatening. It’s an ache, it’s a gut wrenching hollow sense of end, a beginning of torture until it levels out into survival. Then it’s survival mode for a while. Coping mode. Backslides and mountains to climb . And hopefully when you think you could never possibly love another soul again, you finally find yourself looking at the world, once again, above sea level and like the tide coming in, you are over your head in love and your life threatening heartbreak of yesterday suddenly feels like a chapter in the beginning of a novel that you are just about to finish.

    • Janet Fix/ 24.02.2014Reply

      That’s a beautiful message, Tess. Thanks for commenting.

  • Bilie Hobbs/ 24.02.2014Reply

    Great post, Jan. I experienced such heartache through a friend yesterday, whose husband had left her for another man after going through breast cancer with her, chemo, removal of one breast, unexpected pregnancy during chemo, premature baby, etc. How can a man turn his back on this woman. He left her for a coworker who has a lot of problems herself. And… she has raised his two daughters for the last seven years…

    • Janet Fix/ 24.02.2014Reply

      Damn. What a thing, Billie. I know you will lift her up, even as heavy as her heart is right now. People should be kinder with each other’s hearts for this very reason.

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