The Skinny on All Things Arizona: author J. Carson Black

The Skinny on All Things Arizona: author J. Carson Black

I’ve never lived in Arizona, but I could probably make my way around there better than most newcomers just by having read so many J. Carson Black novels.

Specifically today, I’m encouraging readers to try the J. Carson Black trifecta: three brilliant crime novels featuring Detective Laura Cardinal, including Darkness on the Edge of Town, Darkside of the Moon, and the Devil’s Hour (my personal favorite) — all in one convenient package.

It is rare to experience a series of novels so thoroughly investigated for accuracy with unmitigated attention to all five senses (wait, that would be six!).  That’s exactly what you’ll get with any J. Carson Black work, and specifically here, I’m talking about this trilogy.

I am more fortunate than most, in that I have had the opportunity to work recently in an editing capacity with the author and her marketing genius husband Glenn, updating these novels.  Without a doubt, these books are sharper than ever.

Readers:  You will not be disappointed in a one.  Order today.



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