“The Revealing” with Nook Press

“The Revealing” with Nook Press

Folks, yesterday I uploaded our first Nook Press book, The Revealing, by author Edward J. Schneider. So far, so very very good.  (Actually, I want to say behly, behly goot, because I’m just that happy.)

HAPPINESS REASON 1: In this final installment of the time-travel romance series, PARALLEL PAST, Schneider skyrockets to the expectations-met pile with this well-spun adventure.

HAPPINESS REASON 2:  The cover is just damn good.

AND 3 . . . It was so easy to upload these ebook files to Nook Press. So quick, so painless . . . honestly, I thought I might be doing something wrong.  But I wasn’t.  It just was that easy.  Not that all ebook uploads are complicated, mind you, but in my humble opinion, this is now by far the easiest (followed second by Kobo). And interestingly (and in my humble opinion) of all the upload processes for digital distributors out there, Amazon’s is the one of the more cumbersome nowadays . . . go figure!  I feel an update comin’ on.

So three cheers for Edward J. Schneider in wrapping up a unique and exciting time-travel series with The Revealing, featuring strong-willed and beautiful Chandra Jarvis of year 2150, who is sucked down a wormhole to meet her band of merry pioneers (and the love of her life) in the mid-1800s American frontier.  Available now on all digital outlets.  Click here to purchase the book on Nook.

And three cheers for Nook Press.  We are looking forward to using the platform in more ways than one–i.e., you can WRITE your book on the web-based program and upload from there.  You can upload what you’ve done thus far from Word, and work on it in Nook, and then upload from there.  You can collaborate with team members. All kinds of things like that. It’s just crazy neat.



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