The Reality Bender Lives Up to His Name

The Reality Bender Lives Up to His Name

Kerry Alan Denney, a.k.a. “The Reality Bender,” is the multiple award-winning author of seven published novels and numerous short stories. Denney blends elements of suspense, thriller, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, and various ways the world ends in his work: speculative fiction at its wildest and craziest. With glee and a touch of madness, he writes reality-bending thrillers … even when the voices don’t make him do it. His protagonists are his children, and he loves them as dearly as he despises his antagonists–even when he has to kill them.

A long-time resident of the Atlanta, Georgia, area, Kerry is an avid dog-lover and always includes one loveable pup in each of his books. He’s also an outstanding classic rock-n-roller (guitar), but that’s another plotline we’re waiting for him to flesh out!

Denney’s most recent novel STALKING GIDEON CAIN, a psychological thriller, opened to rave reviews. Check out the feedback below and get your copy HERE ON THIS SITE. The best part? You can purchase the book at a lower price not available elsewhere, a publisher exclusive! The eBook is discounted to $0.99, and the paperback to just $12.00. Don’t miss this read! Share \the news! Leave reviews!


“Fast-paced and highly entertaining, Stalking Gideon Cain is a delicious page-turner that fans of thriller novels are bound to enjoy.” – Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite

Stalking Gideon Cain is an express train packed full of action and fueled with well-crafted dialogue and vivid characters.” – Mark Reefe, author of Spindle Lane and The Road to Jericho

“You will be captivated by the sheer skill of this writer as he takes you on a roller coaster ride in the company of a cast of unforgettable characters.” – Frank Parker, author of Strongbow’s Wife, Summer Day, and Called to Account

“Kerry Alan Denney has done it again, blending his talent with words, his love of animals, and his innate sense of justice to produce another great story.” – Deborah D. Moore, author of The Journal and the EMPulse series

“This tale is flawlessly paced with zero lulls in the narrative or dialogue, and rife with Denney’s fluid-like style of writing from the first word to the last.” – Edd Sowder, freelance editor and author of Mirrors I: In Thine Own Heart and Mirrors II: Shattered Remains

“What an intense read! Every thriller writer’s nightmare comes to life in Stalking Gideon Cain, Denney’s latest page-turner.” – Donna Marie West, author of Next In Line

Denney’s characters are the stars of the show. He has a way of making all his characters jump off the page.” – Lynda Fitzgerald,author of the LIVE series and If Truth Be Told


Bestselling author Gideon Cain is losing his mind. Everywhere he turns lately, the femme fatales from his psychological thrillers show up—live and in person. Are they actresses playing a cruel joke on him, figments of his increasingly terrifying delusions, or fantastical vigilantes sprung to life from the pages of his books? All he knows for certain is if he doesn’t find answers soon, he’s bound for the psych ward.

When one of his fictional antagonists poisons him on a flight home from a book-signing tour, he realizes that someone isn’t just messing with his mind—they’re trying to kill him.

Now he’s running for his life from an enemy with a weapon so deadly it can kill with the touch of a button. Only an enigmatic woman from his tragic past can help him discover the truth behind his adversary’s vendetta. And time is running out to stop the madman who is stalking Gideon Cain.

Available wherever great books are sold, including this publisher, who is offering a publisher’s buy-direct exclusive price: $2.99 for eBook, $12.00 for paperback. Choose your format, be prepared to bend your reality!


Visit Kerry’s website: to learn more about him and his books!

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