The Ranch Hero Trilogy

The Ranch Hero Trilogy

The Ranch Hero Trilogy is a picture book series about a dog named Ziggy who crosses the rainbow bridge, only to discover he is a guardian angel to all his silly buddies at Sneaky Creek Ranch.

These books were motivated by personal experience when the author lost her little Ziggy far too soon … and how she chose to deal with the tragedy: imagining him as a helper to farm pals everywhere!

Linda Cowen from Australia is the brilliant illustrator throughout all three books. Her immense talent and quirky-fun personality made her the perfect artist to bring these characters to life.

Descriptions of each book. Click the book name to purchase individually.

Ranch Hero

This is a tale of a very cool farm dog named Ziggy, who is drawn to save a squirrel from certain demise. In doing so, he sacrifices his own life . . . or does he?

Through a chain of spine-tingling events, Ziggy discovers his true calling: Ranch Hero. This book reminds us that life is indeed a wonderful mystery and that maybe our guardian angels don’t always have wings.

NOTE: This first book of the Ranch Hero series contains sensitive content regarding the death of a beloved pet. It is the author’s sincere hope that the series will allow for open discussion, healing, hope, and even some laughs and fond memories along the way.

Ranch Hero 2: Moooving Velma

Sneaky Creek Ranch has never been safer now that Ziggy, the Ranch Hero, is around to keep an eye on things. But with Velma the Cow stuck in the mud and the ever-present donkeys harassing the farm pals, Ziggy finds his angel work is never done.

Joined by his loyal farm pals on earth, Bam Bam and Chubadoo, and their cousin, Libbi Lou, the Ranch Hero solves this cow caper with muscle, intuition, and a lot of creativity. And Velma gets the thrill of her life!

Ranch Hero 3: An Australian Beach Vacation

A vacation is long overdue for the farm pals! Their destination? The lovely beaches of Australia, where they plan to enjoy some fun and relaxation. When a sunny day takes a turn for the worse (thanks to one hungry, toothy shark) Ziggy the Ranch Hero is needed more than ever! Will he get there in time to save the day?


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