The Overcomers

The Overcomers

Those outside our circle may not really know who we are—we assume facades to disguise our worries or afflictions. We wear our masks and pretend to be fine, while on the inside, the monsters lurk, ever present. Ultimately, we will make decisions which change our course forever. We take that proverbial fork in the road. Is it the broad highway that leads to destruction? Or is it the less-traveled path that leads to a fulfilling life? Time will tell; time always tells.

We all face many demons in this life. These demons have many names: hardship, bitterness, boredom, misgivings, addictions, and hopelessness, to name a few. To take flight from life or to fight for it? These are our choices.

In this book, which delivers two resonating Christian stories, we get to know people who overcome their despair through faith in Christ. As you read these accounts and get acquainted with the players, you may suddenly find that you know these people . . . You may even catch a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of these pages.

The wonderful love about which Christ speaks in his word overcomes these adversaries in a most magnificent way—not always as we had hoped and not always as we had anticipated. But always better than we could ever imagine.

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