The OH-zone

The OH-zone

by Janet Fix –  Jan with shirt details

I’m going into the zone this summer.  The writing zone, the focus  zone, the OH zone . . .where I will be writing FOR ME.  This is an exciting, sculpted time in my Garden of Eden, otherwise known as publishing/editing-dom, and though I will be working as an editor/publisher on a quieter level, I look forward to these weeks of self-inflection.  Let’s see what I can do, right?  Right!

Don’t think this is easy for me.  First, I edit myself, maniacally; making it difficult to get anything of worth on paper.  I’m trying to tone that down and just bleed.

Second, I have chameleon’d myself into so many other authors’ roles, that I find it interesting to stand here and look at my own role as an author.  I’m unique from all of them, yet, so much the same.  Fidgeting my way along the boundaries and seeing where I really fit is going to be a fantastic experience.

Wish me luck, provide encouragement, tell me I’m doomed . . . I’d love to hear from you!





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