The Lonely Parrot

The Lonely Parrot

Starring JoJo, Moustached Parakeet (the parrot)

Author Lisa Kelley (and JoJo’s real-life new “momma”)

Illustrator Charles Akins (who sparks our imagination with his whimsical renditions of the lovable characters)

Winner of the prestigious IPPY Award,  this is a vivid,  entertaining, and educational tale of a parrot named JoJo, who experiences the pangs of loneliness when his best friend Sammy grows up. See how JoJo is revitalized through the love and attention of his new adopted family.

Based on a true story, The Lonely Parrot draws out the pet lover in all of us, and the illustrious artwork of Mr. Akins makes Parrot a fan favorite.

Reviews for this book are poignant and delightful. Of particular fun are the reviews from an elementary school class in Columbia, SC. RAVE REVIEWS!

Visit for more information about Lisa and Charles, videos and photos of JoJo, and some links to a few of JoJo’s favorite parrot friends. You can also follow JoJo and all his fans at

Proudly published by thewordverve inc. July 2012.

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