The Divergence, Book Two – Southern Skyes series

The Divergence, Book Two – Southern Skyes series

The two young sons of Nicholas Thomas, a soldier in the New South Wales Corps, have been torn apart by circumstances beyond their control and struggle to find their own identity within their father’s legacy. This is where Book One ends and the second book of the Southern Skyes series picks up with a fury.

Now on their own at seemingly opposite ends of the world, though actually so close, one son faces the beast of prejudice and unrequited love, while the other is handed everything on a platter . . . or is he?

While pioneering new settlements and enterprises, each son, in his own way, resists the injustices of colonial Van Diemen’s Land and witnesses the demise of a free and ancient people even as they face their individual misfortunes.

Will the sons be reunited . . . and will their descendants find fortune and accept their family ties on the gold fields of mainland Australia?

The Divergence unveils another poignant historical adventure in the family saga of the Southern Skyes series.

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