The Crazy Squirrel Stories

The Crazy Squirrel Stories

Humphrey Wigglemeyer. Such a big name for one little squirrel … a very curious squirrel who finds mischief and mayhem wherever he goes. 

Join Humphrey on his zany adventures. Three stories in one cute package.

In the first story “One Crazy Squirrel,” Humphrey worries about his size, which is downright small. He wonders if he’ll ever grow bigger and catch up to his friends … and his long name. His ideas are big too. His head is filled with them, and sometimes his friends and family don’t feel the same way. Humphrey has a lot of growing up to do, with his body AND his understanding of how the world works.

In “Explorer Extraordinaire,” the second story, Humphrey continues his exploring adventures as his friends hastily gather nuts for the long, cold winter. His ideas are just too crazy for his friends, but that doesn’t stop Humphrey! He learns about baseball and moving bridges, and his curiosity just keeps growing! He loves to explore!

“The Big Adventure” is the final story, which has Humphrey thinking about his biggest quest yet. This journey will take him far from home, requiring lots of smart planning. No problem for Humphrey! He is an excellent planner and explorer. Where will he go? Does he have enough supplies? Will the adventure be successful … or will he fall flat on his face and get caught?

With adorable illustrations scattered within the chapters, young readers everywhere will be cheering for their favorite squirrel, Humphrey Wigglemeyer.

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