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Wyoming Author Pens Time-Travel Romance Series

Pow! Like the long-rifle he writes about, Edward J. Schneider fires off some explosive new literature in his Parallel Past series. Rousing nostalgia for the ol’ Wild West, Schneider’s novels appeal to a variety of readers’ interests: romance, time travel, sci-fi, and the American frontier. Books 1 and 2 (The Plunge and The Renewal, respectively) are available now for digital purchase through online retailers worldwide. The third book in the series is anticipated for delivery in the spring. This romantic tale develops through the sagas of a [...]

One Cool Customer Changes Everything

One cool customer.  That's all it takes to change your world. We found ours in December 2010. Before then, our transcription services mostly centered around medical reports and letters, with an occasional interview or conference call recording -- an integral part of our services, but admittedly, one of the less exciting.  Until December 2010. That's when our one cool customer walked in (well, emailed in) , catapulting our transcription work to a whole new level: ICY COOL. DeMarco Williams, 35, is a pop culture/sports [...]

“Writer’s Block” Doesn’t Even Come Close to This One!

Morning Musings from the Pipeline with Jan Fix. This quickie blog is not so much informative as it is hopefully relatable. For some reason, I feared writing this morning. Like I was scared to put my thoughts on paper. And so there I was on the back porch getting ready for some serious prose that I could just feel boiling within me, and pop. I put the pen and notebook away. I think I have a condition. Anyone else [...]