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POP'S DAY BONANZA!! FREE GIFT-WRAP AND HANDWRITTEN MESSAGE PLUS BUZZARD BOOK FOR $12. (on Amazon under new/used sellers "bookswithverve" is my store name) My first "Father's Day Special" and my first "official" book promotion venture starts today! Yes, I've added a new hat, PAID book promoter, but only the ones I'm truly mad about. You should know by now that Buzzard is one of them. One of many first steps I'm taking right now is to sell this now out-of-print [...]

Publishing So Fix

Well isn't this an interesting thought: Print on Demand is not only green, but good business. Amazon v. Publishers: The Book Battle Continues Many thanks to www.passivevoice.com, an inspiring and informative blog site for writers and other industry professionals. ~~ Jan Fix, Wordshaper    

For Every Season, Forgiveness

It's a book about forgiveness. And cowboys. And doing what's right. And a horse named Whisky!! Ken Capps' first book surely foreshadows more great stories to come.  Just what the world needs now. For presale at www.forgivingwaters.com

The Author Within Each of Us

~~ By Editor Janet Fix ~~ A Pipeline Contribution I recently started this:  http://nogoofs.blogspot.com/, a CONVERSATION CUBBY  for editors and authors, in hopes  to increase awareness of the needs of each other.  In my current interactions in the industry, I see self-publishing taking a step back slightly and, instead, responsibility in writing taking a step forward.  The inevitable bond that must take place between a professional editor and an author (new or not), I suspect, will contain many important elements for [...]

Student of My Author Self :: NaNoWriMo

~~ by Editor Jan   This November, I became a student of myself. Below are seven insights I gained about myself as a writer -- and editor -- and person in general -- having participated in National Novel Writing Month, November 2011. For those of you who may not know what NaNoWriMo is: Each year this organization encourages writers, new and experienced, to engage in complete "literary abandon" and write freely to achieve 50,000 words in 30 days -- the ultimate goal [...]

The Skinny on All Things Arizona: author J. Carson Black

I've never lived in Arizona, but I could probably make my way around there better than most newcomers just by having read so many J. Carson Black novels. Specifically today, I'm encouraging readers to try the J. Carson Black trifecta: three brilliant crime novels featuring Detective Laura Cardinal, including Darkness on the Edge of Town, Darkside of the Moon, and the Devil's Hour (my personal favorite) -- all in one convenient package. It is rare to experience a series of [...]

Demand a Reciprocity of Your Passion — “Guts,” Part 2

~~by Editor Jan  (Part 2 in the "Guts" blog) Authors: Demand a reciprocity of your passion! Surround yourself with professionals who match your intensity for each written word in your manuscript; who look at things from new angles and will share those with you, respectfully and with good humor; and who enjoy the new flavors of innovation. This doesn’t have to be expensive, mysterious, or time-consuming. Be relentless and demanding in your selection of creative people who can assist you not just [...]

Guts: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

~~ by Editor Jan Fix When it comes to developing a powerful novel, today's authors must have some uncompromising, new-and-improved kind of guts. As impressive as any creative team may be with its credentials and experience, it is merely ordinary without a unique, bold instinct for raising the bar and a bulldog tenacity for superiority on all levels. Today's authors must demand this extraordinary team.  Whether that's just one professional editor or a slew of design and marketing experts, to excel beyond [...]