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The Relevance is in the Awakening

Musings From the Pipeline, by Janet Fix ~~ May 19 RELEASE :: Rude Awakenings by author Keith Donaldson  On three novels now, I have I had the pleasure of working with Keith (thank you, Keith), an inventive writer whose mind tumbles so fast-forward at times that I feel I can see the future through his eyes. That case is none the more true than in this novel, his third, where we worked diligently through the editorial process to refine and capture the [...]

Honeybee Humdinger

~~Recommendations from the Pipeline ~~ You know if Blake Shelton sings about it, it’s got to be good.  In fact, everything is good about honeybees. They’re smart:  They’ve been around for millions of years so they know some things. They’re food-creators:  In fact, they are the only insects that provide a food product for man—honey!  Unless you actually eat insects, of course. They’re talented: Honeybees communicate with each other by “dancing.” They’re “green”:  Honeybees are environmentally friendly and give the world its eco-balance through [...]

The Author Within Each of Us

~~ By Editor Janet Fix ~~ A Pipeline Contribution I recently started this:  http://nogoofs.blogspot.com/, a CONVERSATION CUBBY  for editors and authors, in hopes  to increase awareness of the needs of each other.  In my current interactions in the industry, I see self-publishing taking a step back slightly and, instead, responsibility in writing taking a step forward.  The inevitable bond that must take place between a professional editor and an author (new or not), I suspect, will contain many important elements for [...]

What a Child Wants in a Book

By Janet Fix, wordshaper :: Reading to children is such a joy, particularly if the story is filled with plenty of opportunity for showing off my thespian skills. The kids love it. But it's the story that gets me there, and so I wanted to offer a few simple guidelines that make a children's story a dynamite opportunity for bonding and fun.   From a child's perspective: 1. Characters with pet peeves, weird personality traits, or silly quirks are super fun.  We [...]

Backstory Burnout

Musings from The Pipeline by wordshaper Janet Fix  ~~ I often vacillate between about the importance -- or unimportance -- of backstory in a novel, how much detail is too much or too little.  Obviously it differs between books, but in general it is a greater challenge to exclude backstory or to offer the details more creatively than an "explanation dump." I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this subject.  Do you find backstory a challenge one way or the other, [...]

The Skinny on All Things Arizona: author J. Carson Black

I've never lived in Arizona, but I could probably make my way around there better than most newcomers just by having read so many J. Carson Black novels. Specifically today, I'm encouraging readers to try the J. Carson Black trifecta: three brilliant crime novels featuring Detective Laura Cardinal, including Darkness on the Edge of Town, Darkside of the Moon, and the Devil's Hour (my personal favorite) -- all in one convenient package. It is rare to experience a series of [...]

Demand a Reciprocity of Your Passion — “Guts,” Part 2

~~by Editor Jan  (Part 2 in the "Guts" blog) Authors: Demand a reciprocity of your passion! Surround yourself with professionals who match your intensity for each written word in your manuscript; who look at things from new angles and will share those with you, respectfully and with good humor; and who enjoy the new flavors of innovation. This doesn’t have to be expensive, mysterious, or time-consuming. Be relentless and demanding in your selection of creative people who can assist you not just [...]

WOW Moments

by Jan Fix, owner/editor During my daily encounters with our customers, this country's students, teachers, publishers, writers, and other business professionals, and with my fellow editors at thewordverve, I am reminded to appreciate and admire our many talents and gifts. I can be pouring my coffee in the morning or about to close the computer for the night.  I can be eating a PB&J or writing a check.  I can be transcribing an interview or redlining a letter.  And suddenly I [...]