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For Every Season, Forgiveness

It's a book about forgiveness. And cowboys. And doing what's right. And a horse named Whisky!! Ken Capps' first book surely foreshadows more great stories to come.  Just what the world needs now. For presale at www.forgivingwaters.com

Honeybee Humdinger

~~Recommendations from the Pipeline ~~ You know if Blake Shelton sings about it, it’s got to be good.  In fact, everything is good about honeybees. They’re smart:  They’ve been around for millions of years so they know some things. They’re food-creators:  In fact, they are the only insects that provide a food product for man—honey!  Unless you actually eat insects, of course. They’re talented: Honeybees communicate with each other by “dancing.” They’re “green”:  Honeybees are environmentally friendly and give the world its eco-balance through [...]

The Author Within Each of Us

~~ By Editor Janet Fix ~~ A Pipeline Contribution I recently started this:  http://nogoofs.blogspot.com/, a CONVERSATION CUBBY  for editors and authors, in hopes  to increase awareness of the needs of each other.  In my current interactions in the industry, I see self-publishing taking a step back slightly and, instead, responsibility in writing taking a step forward.  The inevitable bond that must take place between a professional editor and an author (new or not), I suspect, will contain many important elements for [...]

Spring Cleaning Leads to Wrinkles

~~ Editor Jan Fix ~~ As we crawl out of our winter caves and begin thinking about springtime, I find myself looking forward to all the buzzing delights of this time of year:  Easter, March Madness, Pattie’s Day, bulbs flowering from the ground, prepping the lawn and garden, planning for spring break, not thinking about taxes. White shoes and snappy hats. Then snap, I’m thinking about spring cleaning. Cleaning up my shabby self, a new haircut, getting rid of my winter rolls, [...]

Demand a Reciprocity of Your Passion — “Guts,” Part 2

~~by Editor Jan  (Part 2 in the "Guts" blog) Authors: Demand a reciprocity of your passion! Surround yourself with professionals who match your intensity for each written word in your manuscript; who look at things from new angles and will share those with you, respectfully and with good humor; and who enjoy the new flavors of innovation. This doesn’t have to be expensive, mysterious, or time-consuming. Be relentless and demanding in your selection of creative people who can assist you not just [...]

Guts: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

~~ by Editor Jan Fix When it comes to developing a powerful novel, today's authors must have some uncompromising, new-and-improved kind of guts. As impressive as any creative team may be with its credentials and experience, it is merely ordinary without a unique, bold instinct for raising the bar and a bulldog tenacity for superiority on all levels. Today's authors must demand this extraordinary team.  Whether that's just one professional editor or a slew of design and marketing experts, to excel beyond [...]

Born on a Buzzard’s Stump by Alva Harris

This book is Five-Star Verve.  Recommendation by Janet Fix   This memoir simultaneously takes you back in time and tickles your present-day musings.  One of the most entertaining examples of story-telling based on fact that I have ever had the pleasure of editing -- or reading!  I'm interested in hearing your comments as well. Order here or on Amazon: http://shop.boutiqueofqualitybooks.com/Born-on-a-Buzzards-Stump-The-Epic-Saga-of-a-Man-and-His-Myth-978-1-937084-12-7.htm    

Final Proofreading Finesse

by Jan Fix, owner/editor I submitted this piece recently to a local publisher in hopes of creating some ground rules for final proofreads.  As you may or may not realize, there are several levels of editing, the very last level is a final proofread before and after typesetting.  This addresses the necessary (but not all-encompassing) elements of final proofread (after mechanical and content edits).  If you are a writer or editor of any kind, it would behoove you to take [...]