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Marianka Mojo :: The Gift of Peace

  I want to talk about Marianka.  She’s a twenty-something neighbor, whom I know only through a high-school friend, whom I haven’t seen for 30 years (her husband), and both of whom live a mere 10 minutes away from me. She is a spectacular woman.  She changed me, for the better.  Here’s the gig: Okay, giving forward.  Do unto others.  Live for the living.  Random acts of kindness. You’ve heard of these concepts . . . where people “give just to give” [...]

Murder Mystery Set in Transgender Community “Brings It”

This is a review straight from the heart of a reader, me (as opposed to  the editor, the marketer, the reviewer, the writer) ~~ Janet Fix First, the basics.  Renee James debuted with her new novelComing Out Can Be Murder this month through Windy City Publishers, a hot alternative publishing company based in the same blustery city of the story’s plot.  This is a fiction novel about a hairdresser named Bobbi, who struggles with gender transitioning and the “fitting in” that [...]

A Mother’s Every Day

Musings from the Pipeline -- by Janet Fix Mother Mom Ma Momma Mums. Tough job, lots of burdens and stressors We worry about things that no one else does No one else sees or feels because no one else can Rewards are great, yes, but not every day We get tired like everyone else Our shoulders will gladly carry all the weight But sometimes we just can’t Did you know we hurt sometimes and feel alone Watching you come home, [...]

For Every Season, Forgiveness

It's a book about forgiveness. And cowboys. And doing what's right. And a horse named Whisky!! Ken Capps' first book surely foreshadows more great stories to come.  Just what the world needs now. For presale at www.forgivingwaters.com

The Author Within Each of Us

~~ By Editor Janet Fix ~~ A Pipeline Contribution I recently started this:  http://nogoofs.blogspot.com/, a CONVERSATION CUBBY  for editors and authors, in hopes  to increase awareness of the needs of each other.  In my current interactions in the industry, I see self-publishing taking a step back slightly and, instead, responsibility in writing taking a step forward.  The inevitable bond that must take place between a professional editor and an author (new or not), I suspect, will contain many important elements for [...]

Student of My Author Self :: NaNoWriMo

~~ by Editor Jan   This November, I became a student of myself. Below are seven insights I gained about myself as a writer -- and editor -- and person in general -- having participated in National Novel Writing Month, November 2011. For those of you who may not know what NaNoWriMo is: Each year this organization encourages writers, new and experienced, to engage in complete "literary abandon" and write freely to achieve 50,000 words in 30 days -- the ultimate goal [...]

WOW Moments

by Jan Fix, owner/editor During my daily encounters with our customers, this country's students, teachers, publishers, writers, and other business professionals, and with my fellow editors at thewordverve, I am reminded to appreciate and admire our many talents and gifts. I can be pouring my coffee in the morning or about to close the computer for the night.  I can be eating a PB&J or writing a check.  I can be transcribing an interview or redlining a letter.  And suddenly I [...]