Southern Cross Rising, Book Five – Southern Skyes series

Southern Cross Rising, Book Five – Southern Skyes series

In this the fifth book of the Southern Skyes series, the era is ripe for historic battles, during a time spanning the Boer Wars, Australian federation, women’s suffrage, and World War I. Among those warriors for progress are members of the Skye and McCabe families, not just on the battlefield, but in their homes and communities as well.

As the new generation seeks to forge an enlightened future, the tentacles of the old guard continue to breach the new. Prejudices, forbidden love, and the grip of legacies prove they are without bounds.

And so the saga continues, set against a backdrop of hope brought about by the emergence of a new nation.

About the Southern Skyes series:  Two brothers are separated by circumstance, their descendants by choice. In centuries-old Australia, familial roots of siblings and societies feed the beasts of prejudice, misfortune, and disproportionate wealth. What will the fruits be?  View the Southern Skyes (an Australian legacy) tab for links to other books in the series.

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