When a Monster Moves into Your Washing Machine


What would YOU do if a monster moved into YOUR family’s washing machine? Purchase direct from the publisher here. 8×10, hardback, 46 pages of awesome silliness in rhyming verse.


Product Description

Not the garden-variety snake or lizard either . . .

Nope, an eight-legged, purple creature from unknown depths that has rendered clean clothes impossible and apparently has no intention of ever leaving.

Step inside for a whimsical tale that culminates in an unlikely collaboration by two young siblings. Laugh along as they attempt to solve one family’s sudden and unfortunate laundry dilemma in the most outrageous way imaginable.

Then stick around for a BONUS STORY from this new author who is sure to become a favorite of kids everywhere.

Additional Information


Randy Johnson


eBook, Hardback

Randy Johnson author pic - needs croppingRandy Johnson with his grandnuggets, Ava and Bauer, searching for monsters . . . one washing machine at a time. Randy is available for readings, signings, and discussions about his journey as a writer. To reach Randy, visit his website readbetweenmyrhymes.com, email him directly at readbetweenmyrhymes@gmail.com, or contact his publisher at writenow@thewordverve.com. (Photo credit: Sarah Johnson Wonderling)