Two Bent Trees

Two Bent Trees


AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR: If you love this era, then you’ll love this book! Two Bent Trees by David G. Tippens is historical fiction at its finest. And look at that cover!

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Two Bent Trees is an American Revolutionary War story that begins with the Glynne family of England, whose lives are nearly destroyed by members of the Burntthorne family of British aristocracy. Through the Burntthornes’ condescension, arrogance, and evil, Rob Glynne, his father, and uncle are pressed into the British Navy and eventually find themselves on the shores of the New World.

There they become embroiled in the struggle for independence by the Colonies and wholeheartedly join the Patriot cause. Eventually the Glynne family is reunited in their new country. Along with new Patriot friends, the Glynnes are involved in the opening battles of the conflict and become part of the new Navy of the United States of America.

Together, they bravely fight the British. They also face a reappearance of the Burntthornes, who, with the help of their Indian allies, seek to exact their revenge and annihilate the Glynne family.

Inspired by their love of liberty, their new country, and one another, the Glynnes and their comrades persevere and finally settle into their innovative farm in the foothills of North Georgia.

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David G. Tippens


eBook, Hardback, Paperback

David Tippens - playing guitarDavid lives in Canton, Georgia, in what was a part of the Cherokee Nation along a small tributary of the Etowah River near the site of Hickory Log Town. Many arrowheads and other Native American artifacts have been found on his land. Family has lived in this county since 1836, prior to the Cherokee removal in 1838.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, David grew up and attended public schools in Cobb and Cherokee Counties. He is a graduate of Shorter University, Reinhardt University, and the American Institute of Banking.

He became a very enthusiastic student of history, particularly American history, while in elementary school. He has visited several Civil War, Revolutionary War, and War of 1812 battlefields and other historic sites and museums. An avid student of Cherokee Indian history, myths, and legends, he has visited a number of sites of Cherokee Towns.

He was formerly a radio announcer, entrepreneur, banker, and financial services company owner. He grew up riding horses, playing football, swimming, water skiing, singing and playing guitar, and reading. Favorite authors include Jack London, Jack O’Brien, Mark Twain, Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey, and many others.

Current projects include taking pictures of every historical marker pertaining to the Civil War Atlanta Campaign of 1864. He has plans for writing more novels, songs, and a book of short stories.