The Darkest Place


A psychological stunner that will blow your mind!

A child becomes a man . . . but his childhood does not leave him. Even in the strange, menacing place known as the Void.



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A child becomes a man . . . but his childhood does not leave him. Even in the strange, menacing place known as the Void.

The effects of Charlie’s dysfunctional upbringing refuse to fade. Physical and mental abuses by an alcoholic father and a bullying brother cause him to question nearly everything about himself. About life. About death.

About Jennie. He cannot forget the girl from elementary school, who died all those years ago.

Charlie meanders through his days, mostly staying out of life’s way and eventually coveting the booze, a stark reminder of his many failings, though he has plenty of excuses to offer. His small circle of friends become smaller with each passing year. Or stranger.

But Jennie is always there. In the Void. She is his this time.

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Rick Sanders


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“The highest praise I can give Rick Sanders’ The Darkest Place is this: If someone had told me the shocking ending of his story before I could start it, I would still want to read it. Not for the shock, of course. But to see how his seemingly-ordinary protagonist Charlie Dale winds up where he does at the end of his harrowing yet haunting journey.” ~~ William Patrick Murray, author of Forever After

“Sanders weaves a tale of a horrific childhood that leads to an adulthood where a man becomes fixated on a dead girl who may not be so dead after all.” ~~ Martha Ann Winterroth, author of the One Crazy Squirrel trilogy

“The Darkest Place is the latest novel by Rick Sanders and will hold your interest from start to finish. I was reminded of The Catcher in the Rye, but with a cutting edge twist. ~~ Don Sager, author of Sylar and the Sycamore Leaves

“Wow, what a twist at the end! I would definitely read more books by this author.” ~~ Kelley Palenius, reviewer

“The Darkest Place shows the dynamics of a dysfunctional family to a tee, and the ending…incredible. Definitely a five-star read.” ~~ Julie Spiech Collier, reviewer

Rick Sanders has been creating art since he was a child, and he got his first camera when he was only seven years old. He earned a master’s degree in art education in 1985, which led him to become proficient in a variety of media in order to teach art. He has taught students from preschools to colleges and adult education. His two great loves as an artist are oil painting and photography, but he also excels in pastels, pen-and-ink, charcoal, colored-pencil drawing, and mixed media.

He has shown his work across the United States and is an award-winning artist. Copies of his artwork have been distributed worldwide. He also illustrates children’s books and book covers.

Rick has written for years, eventually publishing Strange Times in Yeehaw Junction and The Walking Bridge. The Darkest Place is his third novel, and he is featured in an anthology of flash fiction: Verve Flash: The Short Road to Big Fiction. Now he also uses his imagination to paint pictures with words.