The Corner

The Corner


A “coming of age” story… about decisions, transitions, and ambitions. The Corner by Blane Edison chronicles a young man’s decisions as he transitions from high school to college.

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Many of us face significant life transitions from time to time and find it difficult to make the change. Even if the change is good for us, we hold on to the old because of its familiarity, and we remain tentative about the benefits of the new. The Corner chronicles the path of a young man caught in a major life transition.

Billy is caught between two worlds, one of which is his old environment and his primary social life where he still hangs out with his high school buddies. The other world is at the University, where he advances his studies and meets his girlfriend Maria. He wants to maintain both worlds, and tries, until finally he realizes “the best of both worlds” is just not feasible. Tragic events occur which open Billy’s eyes to the correct path, teach him important life lessons, and set him on his course for the future.

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Blane Edison


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