The Black and White Ball

The Black and White Ball


Owen Roberts pens his second kids’ book about a jealous peacock who aims to do something about all those other birds with pretty feathers in The Black and White Ball.

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Proud peacock is one thing . . . but a jealous one?

Yup… in this fable by Australian writer Owen Roberts, we learn how one Peacock’s jealous and vain ways get him into a bit of a ruffle.

In a lush and bountiful woodland, teeming with magnificent wildlife, lives one vain and jealous peacock. Oh, how he adores himself, his beautiful feathers, so elegant and vibrant.

Surely, he should reign as the most beautiful in the land, should he not?

He ponders, and plots, and plays with some ideas to ensure that he indeed has no competition from the many magnificent birds of the forest. A devious plan is set in motion . . . one where he will be the most colourful bird in all the land.

But at what price?

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Owen Roberts


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OwenRobertsPortraitOwen Roberts was born in Sydney, Australia, but moved west to the city of Orange with his family when he was seven years old. He is the youngest of six brothers. When he finished school, Owen worked in a factory, married, and had two sons, but as the younger son was very ill, he gave up work in order to stay at home to care for him.

After deciding to expand his education at the age of thirty-two, Owen discovered a love of writing—particularly children’s stories. With his two granddaughters as inspiration, he quickly discovered he couldn’t stop writing. His first published story, Indian Feather, won’t be his last.

When not writing, Owen works in the health industry and particularly enjoys caring for the elderly. He also has a fondness for travelling, reading, metal detecting, photography, and a good game of squash or lawn bowls.