Taming My Mind

Taming My Mind


THE REALITIES OF BIPOLAR DISORDER: Taming My Mind by Victor Brissler is a personal account of one man’s struggles with bipolar disorder over four decades and how he has learned to manage the Bipolar Monster.

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Most of us have heard scant reports of bipolar disorder and its confusing reality. Taming My Mind takes the clinical diagnosis and gives a personal, detailed account of one man’s life as he is shattered by the effects of the disorder and learns to manage them. Now in his sixties, Victor Brissler faced decades of struggles to rein in the monster, to understand his limitations and strengths, and to recognize the negative role his behavioral issues played for those around him.

Victor gives us a unique and insightful opportunity to better grasp the realities of this disease from many angles: his own and those who participated in his life, then and now.

Taming My Mind gives us hope through Victor’s determination to beat his mental demons inherent in bipolar disorder . . . and to finally embrace what is a luxury for Victor: peace of mind.

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