Sylar and the Sycamore Leaves (treehouse fun)

Sylar and the Sycamore Leaves (treehouse fun)


TREEHOUSE FUN: Author Don Sager and Illustrator Rick Sanders team up to create this beautifully illustrated story, Sylar and the Sycamore Leaves, about a grandfather and his grandson making treehouse memories in the beautiful fall season.


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Childhood memories of treehouse fun come to life in Sylar and the Sycamore Leaves by author Don Sager.

This superbly illustrated story is told in the much-beloved style of rhyme and verse. It is about a young child discovering a valuable life lesson in, of all places, his grandfather’s treehouse in Nitro, West Virginia.

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Don Sager


eBook, Hardback


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Don Sager author photo 2Don Sager is a grandfather who regularly babysits his grandson Sylar. He is rediscovering the amazement of life through his grandchildren and has used this experience as inspiration for this book, his first children’s book. Don lives in Nitro, West Virginia, with his wife Betsy and their dog Luke. When Don is not being schooled by a toddler, he enjoys creating rock sculptures for his church and playing catch-up with the never-ending to-do list that every homeowner is very familiar with.

Don’s question to you is, “Where do all those binkies go?”

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