Sloane & Maddie, Peril Awaits


The Sloane & Maddie, Peril Awaits series is a spinoff of the Sloane Monroe mystery series, featuring Sloane Monroe and her sidekick Madison “Maddie” LaFoe. The four-book series is coauthored by New York Times & 11-time USA Today bestselling author Cheryl Bradshaw and her longtime editor, Janet Fix.

Together they’ve created a pulse-pounding, page-turning mystery series you’ll love. Grab your copies today and get swept up in a twisty tale of secrets and lies that will have you up reading all night.

The four books in the series can be read in order … or not!

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The Silent Boy, book 1
Private Investigator Sloane Monroe is about to face the most challenging case of her life, and this time, it hits a little too close to home.
In the dirty hallway of a local tavern, six-year-old Louie Alvarez plays with his race cars, waiting for his mother to take him home. A scream rips through the air. Louie freezes, then turns, staring at the room at the end of the hallway where the sound had come from.
His mom was in that room.
Louie inches toward the door and peeks through the crack. Inside, his mother begs for her life, but it’s far too late. Her fate has already been sealed. As a gunshot sounds off, a terrified Louie drops his race cars. In an instant, all eyes are on him, and there’s only one thing he can do now — run.

The Shadow Children, book 2
Save the children. This is her motivation, mantra, and endgame.
Within the tunnels of the historic port city of Savannah, fourteen-year-old Andi Leland has her mind set on freedom—not just for herself but for all the other teens who have come before her. But it is not to be …
As Andi’s dragged into the hellhole that would have them all sold to the highest bidder, she hears the strangled cries of a fellow captive echoing from the room below. When the silence comes, she knows she will never see that girl again.
And she wonders … Who will save them now?

The Broken Soul, book 3
When the party of a lifetime becomes a party to the death, the lines become blurred. Friends become enemies. Drugs become weapons. And that’s just the beginning …
Retired medical examiner Maddie LaFoe is in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras with her best friend and private investigator, Sloane Monroe. When Sloane leaves to get them fresh drinks, Maddie witnesses what appears to be a body being dumped in an alleyway.
Maddie darts through the street festivities to investigate … only to become a victim herself.
Minutes later, Sloane returns. Maddie is nowhere in sight, and no one seems to know where she’s gone.
This time the investigation is personal, and Sloane will stop at nothing to find her friend.

The Widow Maker, book 4
Liza O’Connell was a horror buff in every sense of the word. But there was one deadly nightmare she would never be able to talk about … her own.
A friend murdered.
A business in trouble.
A marriage struggling to survive.
And that’s just the beginning.
When salon owner Carrie King discovers Liza dead in the back room of her shop, everyone becomes a suspect, even her. As tensions in the community rise, so does the death toll, and now the local cops believe there’s a serial killer on the loose.
The question is … are the two investigations connected?

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