SAM (toothy monkey business)


Sweet monkey Sam learns a healthy lesson about taking care of his teeth!


Product Description

Sam is a delightful little monkey who loves to make children happy, and he can’t refuse their gifts. Then one day, he learned a very important lesson about taking care of himself (and his smile) and shared it with his friends in a special way.

Additional Information


Sue Kotchman



suek-3397Susan “Sue” Kotchman is a retired elementary school teacher, curriculum specialist, and principal, who spends her time writing heartwarming and sometimes funny stories for children—stories that tug at their hearts and teach them the importance of personal relationships.

Her books deal with real-life situations and personalities from observations and people she meets. She hopes anyone who reads her books will learn something about themselves along the way.

She lives in Florida with her husband Tom, and they have two grown children, Casey and Christal. When Sue has spare time, she enjoys reading all kinds of books, studying the Bible, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

Other books:

  • With Love, From Grandma
  • With Love, From Grandpa
  • Mason’s This-and-That-Day

She recently earned First Honorable Mention for her short story, “Finding Sofia,” published in the ABC-2016 Anthology of Florida Writers and Poets.

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