Once Upon a Twinkle

Once Upon a Twinkle


THE POWER OF PRAYER: Maria Angeliadis, EdD, pens a children’s book about the power of prayer and the Lord’s presence in one young lady’s life. Once Upon a Twinkle will blanket you in comforting messages.

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A gentle story about the power of faith and prayer as depicted throughout the lifetime of a girl named Mia.

Once upon the twinkle of a star, the heavens were illumined, as all shined within the magnificence of the Lord. Millions of stars glittered and sparkled throughout the beautiful night sky, shining so beautifully for all to see.

Have you ever just looked up at the twinkling stars in the night sky and wonder how those stars twinkle? They are a wonderful gift from our Heavenly Father. Have you ever been amazed by the gifts God has given us? Have you ever just thanked God for those gifts?

One little girl named Mia chose to thank Him, and she often spoke to Him about her love. She loved our Lord so much; she didn’t think she could love anything or anyone as much as she loved Him. However, God knew.

Follow the story Mia tells as she grows from a young child to a woman who is growing old. Find out the things she thanks our Heavenly Father for. Read of the events in Mia’s life that show her how God loves all the His children. Then, each night, as you gaze upon the Heavens, remember those twinkles of a stars, how they help the heavens be illumined, and that they all twinkle within the magnificence of the Lord.

8.5 x 8.5 hardback – 42 pages. Interior watercolor imagery by Rick Sanders.

“Once Upon a Twinkle is a delightful read for all ages, especially for children, parents and caregivers. Maria Angeliadis has spent a lifetime of Christian commitment in the service of spiritual education for children. This, her first book, is beautifully written for children of all ages. Don’t let those who are special in your life miss the joy of this tale!” – Rev. Stanley S. Harakas

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Maria Angeliadis, EdD


eBook, Hardback


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Maria Angeliadis, EdDLove of God, love of family, love of learning, love of teaching, and love of writing! These are the values that drive the life of Maria Angeliadis. For her, the values fill her thirst for knowledge and desire to help. She has had the blessing of being able to work with children in her chosen career, as well as in the Church.

Mentoring and working with children and adults in these areas have helped her to reach out and guide others. Maria will go to any length to bring learning to all, including cheering the talent in her students and helping them recognize their own worth. Watching students’ enthusiasm about their learning is exciting for Maria. This is everything she hopes to foster in all her students. Just as the character Mia in this story becomes stronger in all she does by recognizing her own self-worth and God-given gifts, Maria strives to bring that same feeling to all those she is privileged to teach and mentor.

Maria’s greatest joys are her husband Gregory, their children and children by marriage—George, Stacey, Aspacia. and Erik—and their beloved grandchildren Amelia, Gregory, Miccah, and Rylee Basilia. Maria’s passion for education and fostering self-esteem led her to complete her Doctorate in Special Ed Leadership and Supervision. . . and she hasn’t stopped since!