My Dog Can Dig to China


The Doggone Truth: My Dog Can Dig to China by Tess Eagles – Ahhh, the adventures of a sweet girl and her beagle–what could be a better kids’ story? How about adding in the interesting twist that THIS beagle can DIG TO CHINA?! Enjoy the dynamic illustrations and the determination of this young lady as she proves to her friends that she’s telling the truth!



“Young lady, no dog has ever dug to China,” Hallie Jo is told over and over again. But she knows something special about her beagle Henry. “My dog can dig to China,” she insists, but the townsfolk don’t believe her. Not the fireman, not the baker, not the postman . . . not even Mrs. Beale! So Hallie Jo sets out on a mission to show everyone that she’s telling the truth.

Author Tess Eagles is a not new to the world of artistry; she’s been creating art (drawings, woodwork, tie-dyes) her whole life and has written a wide range of children’s poetry and stories, most of which she shares by word of mouth. The kids adore her, but not as much as she adores them . . . she seeks the glimmer of enchantment in each child’s face.

For the first time, she publishes one of her stories, a book near and dear to her heart, My Dog Can Dig to China, illustrated by Australian native (and kindred spirit) Linda Cowen.


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