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Jagged Waters is the perfect center for this five-part series that is Southern Skyes, where some exciting new names are carved on the family tree.

Spicy Irish miss, Mariah Malone, is a young convict unjustly condemned to New South Wales, Australia, to serve her sentence for life. During the transport, her ship encounters a frightening, rocky demise, and the handful of survivors are washed up on King Island to await rescue.

It is during this time of uncertainty and fear, Mariah’s knowledge of the entrancing surroundings—both land and sea—of this Australian island and beyond stimulates her ever-tumbling thoughts. She also learns more about herself: her morality, her fortitude, and her destiny.  And somewhere in the midst of that, she falls in love.

And with this love, she creates a family of her own in Van Diemen’s Land, one that will inevitably carry her into the lives of the Skyes and McCabes, strengthening this family legacy through another gnarled joining, both tumultuous and enriching.

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Sharyn Bradford Lunn


Book 3 paperback

Tasmania, Cradle Top Mountain
Tasmania, Cradle Top Mountain

Sharyn Bradford Lunn has devoted a decade researching the Australian history books for centuries-old data on her country’s origins, including the penal colonies that were established in the early 1800s, the aboriginal tribes that interacted with the soldiers and newcomers, gold-digging, and more.

The result? Her six-book Southern Skyes series. Sharyn blends fact with the watercolors of fiction, painting a series of stories about a family whose roots begin with a New South Wales soldier and branch out far and wide into a “Skye” of immense proportions and heart.

Start with The Soldier’s Seed, and meander through six tales, complete with a full palette of adventures and emotions, some historically documented and others carefully crafted from creative seeds. A crowd-pleaser in every way. As the books are written, they will appear here for reference and purchase.

The Soldier’s Seed, Book One
The Divergence, Book Two
Jagged Waters, Book Three
Embers of the Soul, Book Four
Southern Cross Rising, Book Five
Book Six – forthcoming

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She is the girl next door who found her calling and answered it with beauty and grace.

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