Island of Darkness and Light

Island of Darkness and Light


Young Adult, Mystical: The Island of Darkness and Light by Jillian Codella is the first book in the 16 of Destiny series, where a group of very special warriors seek to bring back a hidden world and endure many challenges to keep it that way.

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In the beginning, there was a war. The Forces of Darkness fought hard against the Forces of Light. But just when it seemed the Darkness would reign triumphant for eternity, the Light, as well as an ancient world, were sealed away, never to return . . . until now.

A group of teens are called to an island for a series of challenges, which once satisfied, would awaken the ancient world through a renewed battle between Darkness and Light. Kayla is one of these teens, who assumes, at first, these challenges are a part of some sort of reality TV show. She soon discovers there is much more to her invitation, to the island, and to the other teens, who are anything but “normal.” Including herself.

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Jillian Codella


eBook, Paperback


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Jillian's bioJillian Codella has been a lover of words for most of her young life, particularly in regards to fan fiction. She enjoys developing unique characters and finding fun ways for them to interact. This young adult fantasy story is her first published novel, and she looks forward to adding future books to the budding series. She lives in Georgia with her family, where she spends her downtime playing video games, reading, and surfing the ‘net—all of which lend a hand in her creative processes.