How Marty’s Mom Became a Cyborg (Parkinson’s disease education for kids)

How Marty’s Mom Became a Cyborg (Parkinson’s disease education for kids)


Parkinson’s Disease Education for Kids: How Marty’s Mom Became a Cyborg by Adele Pfrimmer Hensley – Marty’s mom decides to have implants inserted in her brain to help her combat the debilitating effects of her young-onset Parkinson’s disease. This book is from Marty’s perspective. An educational treat!

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Adele Pfrimmer Hensley dishes out another delicious kids book about a young man whose mom undergoes brain implant surgery to combat the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease. Adele should know about this subject: she’s had the surgeries herself with the support of her husband and son.

We invite you to enjoy this delightful book with your kids, not just for the educational value, but also for the stimulating visuals provided by Brent Messmer, artist for the interior and cover. Adele and Brent’s combined efforts make this book a reading treasure and a work of art. See more on Adele and Brent below.

FROM THE BACK COVER: Marty’s mom has Parkinson’s; sometimes it makes her feel like she is wearing a mask. Sometimes it makes her feel like a wooden puppet. Sometimes it even makes her feel like a zombie. The only thing that can make her feel normal is an operation to implant two electrical stimulators deep in her brain. Marty is a fan of science-fiction movies and television. He and his mother both wonder what she’ll be like with the new implants. What will it mean to be a real cyborg? Through their gentle presence and kind humor, Marty and his dad help his mom through the decision and the subsequent surgeries. This book is for families making similar life-changing decisions and living through the consequences together.

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Adele Pfrimmer Hensley


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Marty's Mom headshotAdele lives with her husband Frank, their thirteen year-old son Clark, and Labrador retriever Gryffindor in Clinton, Mississippi. She enjoys riding her recumbent trike, studying nature, and training in the martial arts with Frank and Clark. In fact, that is how she met Brent Messmer, who illustrated this book; Master Messmer is one of her Tae Kwon Do teachers. Adele was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004. Every day, she fights it for all she is worth. Every day, her family helps with the fight.

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brent-messmer-bioBrent Messmer is a passionate artist and an avid martial artist. He studied art at Indiana University. For the past fifteen years, he has been a freelance artist focusing mainly on pencils and watercolors. He currently resides in Hobart, Indiana, with his wife and two children