Product Description

The lives of three families on two continents are set on a collision course with destiny as they’re inextricably woven into the tapestry of music history.

In America’s Pacific Northwest, a star is born.

In Northern England, another.

And another.

And another.

A promising new record label is formed amidst the dust of crushed and twisted lives, by the very man who makes it happen. A man who has risen like a phoenix against all odds to reinvent himself despite a tragic past.

Twin brothers, East London’s most fearsome villains, move to commandeer some of the most notable bands in history by any means necessary. They expect their due. Or else.

From Swinging London to the LA music scene. From the bombed-out rubble of post-WWII England to the gritty streets of New York to California’s sunny coast.

These are the Hit Makers. And this is where their story begins.