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The Gospel According to Abraham: From Delta Boy to Tour Manager


Going on the road with a bunch of talented musicians isn’t all glitz and glamour, says Paul Abraham, but a more enjoyable job would be hard to find.



Going on the road with a bunch of talented musicians isn’t all glitz and glamour, says Paul Abraham, but a more enjoyable job would be hard to find. His memoir will take you behind the scenes, offering intimate details of the kind of life a roadie or a musician leads. But that’s not all. There is much more to Paul than his experiences as a tour manager. He has had a full and entertaining life, indeed.

Having grown up in the Mississippi Delta, the Birthplace of the Blues, Paul’s interest in music flourished and would expand into a wide range of sounds—from classical to classic rock, from country to bluegrass, from big band to jazz. He has been influenced by it all. The first concert he attended was the Beatles in 1966, and from that moment, Paul knew what he wanted to do. Live music was where it was happening, and by hook or by crook, he was going to be involved.

Paul eventually would meet Ronnie Van Zant and the Lynyrd Skynyrd band. No one could guess at the time that Paul’s fate would be to befriend this legendary band and, a long time down the road, to actually tour with the survivors of the 1977 plane crash. He was witness to and, often times, a participant in the antics chronicled here.

Paul went on to tour with other artists such as Bad Company, the Marshall Tucker Band, 38 Special, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Paul Rodgers, the Barefoot Servants, and Michael Peterson. He spent a dozen years, on and off, with Billy Ray Cyrus. There are stories within this book about all of them.

This is the Gospel According to Abraham.


Paul Abraham


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Paul Abraham’s life has been filled with adventures most of us can only dream about, and he realizes how fortunate he is in this respect. Touring with legendary musicians, meeting some of his heroes, and forming friendships with a diverse group of people—this is Paul’s story. After many colleagues encouraged him to put some of his recollections on paper, he did just that, pounding them out one after another until he realized: “I have a book!”

At age 67, he begins his final career: published author. He currently lives in the Mississippi Delta where his first breath was taken; he has come full circle. The happenings within that circle of his life are what make him the endearing person he is today, and he is grateful for every moment, for better or for worse.
Music continues to be a big part of his life, as he plays in a band called That’ll Do at local festivals and other venues. He also helps his stepdaughter in a business that specializes in producing original art on t-shirts, pillows, and prints.

Paul is a warm, easy conversationalist, who welcomes the opportunity to engage with folks whenever possible. He is available for interviews, book signings, and other special events.

“Not unlike the mythical weaver who spun his threads of gold, David Tippens spins his tales of old by weaving his fiction with historical fact, resulting in wonderful golden narratives threading through the American landscape and experience. I thoroughly enjoyed his first book, Two Bent Trees, and this sequel, Two Falling Waters, only adds to David’s incredible story of America’s history.”
~ Larry Cavender, radio personality, retired English teacher, and author of A Patchwork Quilt, Another Patchwork Quilt, and soon to be released, The World Turned Upside Down

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