Girls, Pearls, and Rogue Squirrels

Girls, Pearls, and Rogue Squirrels


A sweet summer story, filled with good friends, laughter, and RECIPES! Our favorite Southern gal pals return with new adventures to warm your heart and tickle your funny bone. And one young miss joins the group for the summer. Her charm and wit are sure to remind you of some precious child in your own life…


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When tomboy Mary Kate crosses paths with prim-and-proper Abigail Ashhurst, a delightful series of haps and mishaps come tumbling through the small southern town of Eubanks.

Intermingled with the summertime adventures of this six-year-old sweetie are Abby’s best friends, who often visit her front porch to enjoy an accounting of their crazy lives. Yes, they have their share of bumps, grinds, and rolls . . . but nothing like the rogue squirrels who run rampant through town, trying to avoid the determined Mary Kate and her pink BB gun.

You will laugh out loud and want to share this charming story and the recipes that are scattered throughout: sangria, cheesecake, truffles…

…and what’s this about a cake that bleeds?

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JudiLynn Taylor


eBook, Paperback


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JudiLynn TaylorJudiLynn Taylor is a Southern gal through and through . . . with an accent to prove it.

Her laugh is both unique and infectious, and she shares it generously, naturally drawn to the humor in life. When she is not spending time with her family and close friends—her greatest of joys—you may find her hiking along the Georgia trails, gardening in her yard, or stirring up a batch of homemade chocolate truffles. Currently, JudiLynn lives in the North Georgia area with her husband Mike and their two Cocker Spaniels, Oskar Myer and Gracie Grace. JudiLynn’s first published book is another Southern Fiction charmer: Front Porch Lemonade.

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