Face It: Making Peace with Fear

Face It: Making Peace with Fear


FEAR NOT: A heart-to-heart conversation between mother, who has young-onset Parkinson’s disease, and son about facing your fears.  Face It: Making Peace with Fear by Adele Pfrimmer Hensley.

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Will you run from fear or FACE IT?

Some of us know more about being afraid than others, though we’ve all had to “run or conquer” at some point in our lives.

In FACE IT: Making Peace with Fear by Adele Pfrimmer Hensley, a mom and her son discuss strategies to send fear running for the hills.

This is Adele’s third book that focuses on how families cope when a loved one has a chronic illness.  Adele speaks from experience, as she has battled young-onset Parkinson’s disease for a decade, diagnosed at age 38. Her son was a just a toddler when she was diagnosed.

This is the second children’s book Adele has illustrated herself.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: An afternoon in the blackberry patch turns into a lesson about facing fears. Mark and his mother Michelle are picking blackberries when Michelle begins to share memories of her childhood and situations that made her feel afraid—but none so daunting as the fear she faces every day with her young-onset Parkinson’s disease.

She recalls a song Mark taught her to help her remember the importance of breathing when she is afraid. They also discuss how exercise helps. Michelle tells her son: The only way to calm a fear is to FACE IT.

This book will help families living with Parkinson’s disease and other chronic illnesses talk together about fears and anxieties and some ideas for making peace with them.

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Adele Pfrimmer Hensley


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Marty's Mom headshotAdele lives with her husband Frank, their thirteen year-old son Clark, and Labrador retriever Gryffindor in Clinton, Mississippi. She enjoys riding her recumbent trike, studying nature, and training in the martial arts with Frank and Clark. In fact, that is how she met Brent Messmer, who illustrated this book; Master Messmer is one of her Tae Kwon Do teachers. Adele was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004. Every day, she fights it for all she is worth. Every day, her family helps with the fight.

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