Alison Hayes is antsy—that’s what her mother would have said. The ghosts from her past are walking, and something is coming.

This is Book 4 of the Alison Hayes Journey by award-winning author Angie Gallion. Previous books in the series are (in order) Intoxic, Purgus, and Icara.

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Alison Hayes is antsy—that’s what her mother would have said. The ghosts from her past are walking, and something is coming. She feels it in her bones. Her mother would have made herself a drink and forced the feeling to pass.

For ten years, she has stayed on the fringe of society, living a quiet, nearly invisible life, working nights as a nurse at the hospital and sleeping days. When her volunteer work at the Crisis Clinic sets her on a collision course with a pregnant teen, Alison finds herself plunging without a parachute. She must reconcile her own history as her obsession with the girl mounts.

Will Alison finally make peace with her mother and with her own role in their chaotic time together? Will she find a way to live outside of the shadows?

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What People Are Saying About Emergent

“This was my favorite book in the Alison Hayes Journey. I could read it again and again.” ~~ Paula Olmsted, reviewer

“I have been following Angie Gallion’s book series featuring Alison Hayes’s Journey since she first introduced Alison in Intoxic in 2016. It has been such a joy, and, at times, heartbreaking to follow Alison on her journey from being a teenager to evolving into an extraordinary young woman. Emergent is one of those books that you just cannot put down once you begin reading. Alison Hayes has struggled with emotional and mental health issues most of her life due to the many experiences she has had from the time she was a little girl. She has gone through a significant amount of trauma throughout her young life. As a licensed professional counselor, I love that Angie Gallion is able to convey Alison’s character in such a manner that the reader feels like Alison is a real person going through so many different heart wrenching thoughts, feelings and experiences. She portrays the emotions and mental issues that Alison goes through with dead-on realism. I found this book to be very well written and well thought out. The way that Angie Gallion weaves the pathway of Alison Hayes’s journey in life is captivating until the very last page. I definitely rate this book as a 5-star book and highly recommend it.” ~~ Dr. Susan Schmitt, Licensed Professional Counselor, Professional School Counselor

“Loved this book! And I want more! Alison’s life was in so much turmoil growing up and after her mom died. Throughout the series, I often wondered if she would ever find what she was truly looking for. If she even knew what that was. Thank goodness for this book 4 in the series, because now my mind is put at rest. The author, Angie Gallion, certainly knows how to keep your attention, wanting more. One thing for sure, KARMA is living life to the fullest and being happy. We can all learn something from Alison Hayes.” ~~ Julie Spiech Collier, Michigan reviewer

“Once again, award-winning author Angie Gallion has brought life full circle for us all. Emergent, the fourth and final book in the Alison Hayes series, has brought this journey to a thrilling and appropriate conclusion. I use the word conclusion carefully, because it is not the end. Alison Hayes is not just a character in a book, she is someone who will travel with us through our own journeys until our final chapter. It is then she will be passed on to the next generation of readers, so she can journey with them for generations yet to come. This series will indeed touch many, it will grab you and will not let you go…you will not want it to. Angie Gallion has proved herself to be a prolific writer of our time, and I’m sure will be a writer for the ages.” ~~ T. Lamar Baker, author of Heart of a Firefighter

“This book! I just couldn’t put it down and ended up reading till 5am one morning and then got back up at 8:30 to finish it because I couldn’t wait. I felt like knew several of the characters in this book. Angie did an excellent job with the plot, and this kept me curious and wanting to find out where the next turn or twist was happening. Another great book by this amazing up-and-coming author!” ~~ Christy Sanders, reviewer