Embers From Ash and Ruin (book 2)

Embers From Ash and Ruin (book 2)


Two years older, two years wiser, and two years too late…

Unimaginable tragedies have struck the Grant family. When an innocent request from a former LSI colleague leads to a true confession, a life and death race for answers ensues. Only one man can bring to light the darkness of Jameson Lockhardt’s past—and time is running out.

This is a seven-part series. Available now is The Ties That Bind (book 1) and When First We Practice to Deceive (book 3).

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Product Description

Embers From Ash and Ruin ~ wages war against the demons of regret and deceit. Nearly two years have passed since the events that upended the Grant family. Still struggling with the pain of losing their youngest and dearest sibling, Jordan’s brothers press on as best they can. Ben resumes composing from his backyard studio in sunny Key Biscayne, Florida. Chris is less fortunate. Isolated from his former bandmates and struggling to maintain the façade of his unhappy marriage, he has yet to let go of the fateful events surrounding Jordan’s murder.

The official story is as convenient as it is contrived. Questions linger that police cannot—or will not—address. What were Jordan and Farin doing at Bobby Lockhardt’s Coral Gables home that afternoon? Could a failed burglary account for the tragic turn of events? Was Farin’s mysterious automobile accident three days later mere coincidence?

Reporter Miles Macy’s obsession with connecting the dots has landed him a forced relocation to Chicago, but distance has not curtailed his private investigation. Having gained a certain reputation from his accounts of the ups and downs in Farin Grant’s tumultuous ride to stardom, Miles feels inexplicably tied to the late songstress. His gut points him in a singular direction: Jameson Lockhardt.

Meanwhile, Lockhardt Sound, Inc. has seen better days. Once the leader in an ever-changing industry, LSI has suffered under the loss of its three biggest commodities. Pressure mounts from all sides as the “Big Six” gobble up vulnerable labels. Jameson’s inside source at Miami’s Metro Dade PD has become greedy, and careless. Worst of all, a Windy City reporter speculates on events the mega-mogul must keep buried.

Left with little more than creative accounting and a grass roots strategy, Jameson struggles to bring his failing enterprise back to black in time to avoid a buyout. He must retire a success and hand Bobby his rightful legacy. After spending his entire career covering a life of criminal activity, he will go to any length to ensure no one puts him off course.

When an innocent request from a former colleague leads to a true confession, a life and death race begins. Only one man can bring light to the darkness of Lockhardt’s past. And time is running out.

Heather O’Brien is a fiction author and no stranger to the creative arts. The great-great-granddaughter of world-renowned cellist Bruno Steindel of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, she can trace back her creative roots to five generations of notable musicians, artists, and toy makers. Her family tree contains the branches of many disciplines of the finer arts.

A seeker of what motivates the heart, Heather has a knack for creating complex characters who explore the sometimes painful dynamics of life and love, choice and consequence, regret and reconciliation. Though her stories often take place in the entertainment industry, she infuses intense humanity into an industry perceived as lacking the very things that connect us. She describes her writing style primarily as that of a “panster” versus a “plotter,” but concedes the intricacies of the saga have forced her to become a hybrid for the remainder of its telling. Each of her books is heavily researched in order to create the most realistic telling possible.

Heather grew up in Plumas County, mostly in the small town of Quincy, California. She started writing “by accident” at the age of eleven. One such story later became the completed first draft of The Ties That Bind, handwritten on spiral notebooks when she was in the 6th grade. She insists this first draft will be cremated with her when she dies.

Like all human drama, the overarching plotline for her The Ties That Bind saga is multiplex and surpasses the confines of a single novel. Over time, the story has grown from a sequel to a trilogy, and eventually into to a seven-book series. The overall foundation remains the story that found her at age eleven.

In 1999, Heather formed Word Rites Literary Group. Along with her then-editor, a talented science-fiction writer and enthusiast, she assisted other budding authors with the benefits of her talents and experiences. This is where Heather found her literary voice and honed her writing skills.

Over her career, she has dabbled in other areas of entertainment, including music and film. Most notably, she worked as a documentary film producer with an indie director from the Bay Area from 2002-2004. Her contributions included the investigation of a gruesome, multiple homicide that took place in the mid-’80s in a small town she had lived in as a child.

Heather is a member of several professional organizations, including the National Association of Professional Women and the Alliance of Independent Authors. When hanging out with friends, she loves to talk story, writing, music, and movies. She is a wife, a mother of two, and a grandmother of three.

What People Are Saying About The Ties That Bind Saga

The Ties That Bind is a page-turning peek into the underbelly of the music business. Ms. O’Brien’s take on the machinations behind the glitz and glamour of the music world is a stark reminder that all that glitters isn’t gold, and that business isn’t always business. Heather O’Brien is a prolific voice and an extraordinarily gifted storyteller.
~ Charlie Spickler, Writer, Director “Annie’s World,” “Rescue! Brooklyn,” “Bard of the Village

The Ties That Bind saga is a modern day masterpiece that is equal parts beauty and tragedy. Heather O’Brien doesn’t only tell the story, she makes the reader feel like they are living the story.
~ Jacob Bunton, Emmy-winning composer, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

Heather O’Brien’s The Ties That Bind is a rock ‘n roll master class. This riveting ride of suspense, love, drama and heartbreak leads to surprises around the curve one never sees coming. Farin is headed for stardom and she’s surrounded by a supporting cast of famous characters. But she is swimming with sharks. It’s the shady, greedy, and sometimes mentoring world of the recording business. There are layers of motives, loves, family secrets, perversions, and assaults of the soul. O’Brien sends you a lifejacket while reading—you are buoyed by her incredible storytelling. Be prepared to be shocked, shaken…more so, you will be tremendously moved.
~ Ryan Rayston, author “The Quiet Sound of Disappearing,” “Softly Goes the Water”