The Curry Kid Explores India

The Curry Kid Explores India


One Smart Cookie and the Wonders of the World! 

This is an ongoing series that starts in India, where the Curry Kid (think: the Gingerbread Man) is awestruck by the world around him–in particular, the Taj Mahal. That's when he decides to visit the other Wonders of the World in future stories. Catch him if you can! 

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Product Description

Curry Kid is a cute little cookie that comes to life and runs into many obstacles as he explores the beautiful country of India. Everyone is determined to take a bite out of him because he smells so good!  Learn how he avoids becoming a yummy treat for one of his admirers before he has a chance to witness one of Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal.

Join the Curry Kid on his first adventure in India . . . and many more in his upcoming journeys, where he will learn about the cultures, traditions, and amazing structures during his Wonders of the World quest. He is, after all, one smart cookie! You can be, too!


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Jayanthi Gaspar


hardback, paperback


Rick Sanders



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Jayanthi with children in India

Jayanthi Gaspar is a recently retired elementary school teacher from College Station ISD in Texas, where she taught for twenty-two years of her twenty-six-year career.

Interestingly, Jayanthi’s love for writing and learning began in her own elementary-school years. Her teacher would post magazine pictures on the board and ask the students to create their own stories. Young Jayanthi enjoyed this exercise very much, getting positive feedback from her teacher and peers.

Jayanthi’s path to becoming a teacher was a natural fit for her. As a published children’s book author, this trend continues, as she seeks to teach and inspire through her writing and experiences with world travel.

Having traveled widely, she now wants to share and infuse the growing global mindset with the emerging generation of students. Since her retirement, she has dedicated her effort to pursue her passion for writing about our increasingly interdependent world. The Curry Kid Explores India is her debut children’s book, the first book in her Wonders of the World series. One smart cookie, the Curry Kid travels to the various Wonders of the World, where he will learn about the unique cultures of each area, as well as meet some exciting new characters. Through her books, she hopes to spark an early interest in the world around us and to reach children who may not get the chance to visit other countries and learn about their cultures except through books.

Jayanthi is a mother of two sons, Philip (a doctor of podiatry) and Jeremy (a doctor of internal medicine). Her husband, Julian, is a professor of international finance at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.