Code Blood Red

Code Blood Red


STEAMY, MYSTERIOUS, CREEPY CRAZY: Code Blood Red by Jeffrey Belanger, Book 1 Life 2 in the Ali “The Cat” Armeni series. Does the dude really have nine lives? The Cat does seem to land on his feet, as deadly as ever . . .

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Bombs on the school roof. Hostages in the gym. Shattered comfort zones.

Ali “The Cat” Armeni is an unassuming math teacher. He’s also soldier for the United Pakistan Army Commando—a terrorist. In his quest to fulfill UPAC’s orders to destroy the Northeastern public school, he finds himself struggling with his loyalties and desires. But not for long.

Scott Belgrade is a fiery basketball coach and health teacher. He is also a soldier for his students—a hard-nosed leader who follows his gut. Along with him stand his buddies, coaches, and longtime friends, who are happily sidetracked by talk of hot women and sports. Until they stumble upon the truth of impending obliteration at their school.

Can Belgrade and his boys save the school? Can “the Cat” save one of his nine lives?

Click here for the second book, Fourth and Dead.

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Jeffrey Belanger has been a teacher since 1997 and was the Teacher of the Year for his school in 2010. His classes are known for their creativity and energy. This creativity and energy carries over naturally in his first novel Code Blood Red.

He has been athletic director since 2007 and recently earned his CAA as a nationally certified athletic director. As an athletic director, he consistently needs to use all his wits to solve problems thinking outside the box. This outside-the-box thinking comes to life with his book’s main characters, Ali “the Cat” Armeni and Scott Belgrade.

He has been coaching basketball since 1994 and is known in Connecticut for his innovative “fun ‘n’ gun” style of play. The high-scoring, high-risk, and high-reward style of play is exactly what you get from start to finish in Code Blood Red.

You can follow Jeff on twitter @coachbelanger and on his blog at