Buster the Dumpster Pony


In a world where broken toys and dreams are discarded, perhaps there is hope of restoration and new possibilities.

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In a world where broken toys and dreams are discarded, perhaps there is hope of restoration and new possibilities. Mima discovers Buster in a dumpster and sees more than a broken down and forgotten child’s toy. With love, imagination, creativity, and time, a glorious new Buster is revealed.


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Leslie Cronkhite Armstrong works everyday to discover visually what lives in her imagination. Some days are more rewarding than others and being “stuck” occasionally seems to be a part of the process! “The key is to just keep coming to work each day. When things are going well, I am filled with a great sense of wonder and purpose,” she says.

Leslie has been teaching, illustrating, and designing art curriculum for over 30 years. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fine arts and education. She also spent academic time studying art abroad.

Leslie is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators and is recognized by Who’s Who in American Education.

Reviews from Readers, Verified Purchases

A Beautiful Book About Love and Redemption: This is such a heartwarming story – based on a real-life Buster – that teaches kids about the value of friendship and the power of love. Kids will enjoy seeing that a little girl is the one who gives a cast-off toy a second chance at a whole new life. What will Buster do next?

An amazing book for children ages 1 to 100! Loved it. Deceptively simple (at first). Great gift for any parent or child… or even someone with forgotten dreams that just need to be lifted up and dusted off. Bonus: I loved the life lessons included as well as discussion points to interact with your kids. I highly recommend (this is the 1st children’s book I’ve ever recommended).

Loved this book! Buster the Dumpster Pony captures attention with delightful illustrations and a story with messages so very important for children to hear. It expands the imagination combined with empathy for the horse that translates into the mind of the young child. Not only that, helping children go beyond their world to understanding others….so it gives them a bridging experience to people, in general, in addition to animals. My sons, four and two years old were fascinated especially by the real pictures in the back of the book connecting them to the story itself. A perfect gift for Christmas or birthdays! Wonderfully heartfelt!

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