Bear Naked (Shapeshifter Series)

Bear Naked (Shapeshifter Series)


A phantasmagorical series begins… replete with shape-strong lineages (think shapeshifter, but in a whole new way), including current-day issues that face young adults (think bullying, peer pressure, and psychologies of human attraction)… all mixed in one spirited series for which this first book is named: BEAR NAKED.


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Amanda Burnson is a typical teen with all the typical problems: excess weight, struggles with body odor, random people trying to kill her . . . oh, and her boyfriend just might be a werewolf.

At seventeen, Amanda, who has been raised by her neo-pagan uncle, has more friends at the local Renaissance faire than at her high school. Most of her summers are spent at faires, festivals, and Aunt Maggie’s farm.

There is something new going on in the heart of America, in the small Iowa town that Amanda calls home. The whole town is changing—a tough way to begin a school year. New kids alongside the old; new attitudes colliding with the usual annoying old ones; menacing new faces alongside comforting ones. . . things will never be the same once this brew is boiled.

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R.J. Eliason


eBook, Paperback


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authorpictureRachel Eliason is a transgender woman and writer living in the Midwest. She writes contemporary YA stories under her given name and fantasy/science fiction under the name R.J. Eliason.

Rachel is active on many social media sites and can be found on twitter @racheleliason, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest, to name a few.

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