Bear Naked 3: The Hunted (Shapeshifter Series)

Bear Naked 3: The Hunted (Shapeshifter Series)


A contemporary shapeshifter fantasy series by uber-talented fantasy writer, R.J. Eliason.

Ms. Eliason’s urban fantasy thrillers go beyond the typical fangs-and-wolves stories, delving into transformations via other animal forms, such as bears and otters; tribal legends and rituals; peer pressure and acceptance; and family loyalties.

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This is the third book in the Bear Naked series. It follows the lives of Amanda Burnson, a young bear shifter, her werewolf boyfriend and his pack, and of course, their were-otter friends.

Amanda’s Uncle Darren has gone missing while on a camping trip to Idaho. Connor’s Uncle Mitch is found unconscious, in a coma. The pack’s enemy, the Sons of Garm, seem like obvious suspects, but Idaho is home territory for the Skinwalkers, Native American cousins to the werewolves.

The situation is more complicated than anything these young adults have yet witnessed. Uncle Darren is feral, trapped in bear form. The Skinwalkers are hostile, unwilling to help. The mountains themselves thwart them. Can the pack navigate the shifting alliances and find Uncle Darren in time?

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R.J. Eliason


eBook, Paperback


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authorpictureRachel Eliason is a transgender woman and writer living in the Midwest. She writes contemporary YA stories under her given name and fantasy/science fiction under the name R.J. Eliason.

Rachel is active on many social media sites and can be found on twitter @racheleliason, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest, to name a few.

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