Bear Naked 2: Wolf Camp (Shapeshifter Series)

Bear Naked 2: Wolf Camp (Shapeshifter Series)


Learn more about Bear Naked, Book One here at and catch up on the beginnings of these beloved (and some not-so-beloved) packs and mates.

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The power of transformation.

Shift with R.J. Eliason and her second book in the Bear Naked series, Wolf Camp.

Wolf Camp is not your typical arts-and-crafts summer camp. It’s a training ground for future werewolves, where their mental and physical limits are constantly tested and honed.

There are many hurdles to overcome: Amanda, an adolescent werebear, can’t control her transformations yet; and Connor and his pack are the camp misfits. Then they discover a new threat from the Sons of Garm, this time from within the Leidulf tribe.

Will Amanda and her werewolf friends be able to navigate these new waters? Maybe with a little help from a couple of old friends?

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R.J. Eliason


eBook, Paperback


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authorpictureRachel Eliason is a transgender woman and writer living in the Midwest. She writes contemporary YA stories under her given name and fantasy/science fiction under the name R.J. Eliason.

Rachel is active on many social media sites and can be found on twitter @racheleliason, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest, to name a few.

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