A Night with C4 and P4 (kitty-cat night adventures)

A Night with C4 and P4 (kitty-cat night adventures)


Kitty-Cat Night Adventures: A Night with C4 and P4 by Linda Cowen – Ever wonder what your kitties really do in the nighttime hours? After all, they sleep all day . . . they’ve got plenty of energy for adventures! Linda is a seasoned artist and first-time author from Queensland, Australia.


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C4 and P4 are two typical cats, who sleep all day and are awake at night. But what most people DON’T KNOW is what cats DO at night.

Summer and Stacey, who belong to C4 and P4, are having trouble falling asleep. In their sleepy-time talk, the girls wonder what C4 and P4 would do if they could get out and about at night. And so the story goes . . . jumping on fences and riding in trucks, meeting with writers and artists, riding bikes with musicians and visiting the parks. Oh, the adventures these two cheeky cats have on their night journeys! And in the shadows, the mice watch carefully, awaiting their time for play . . .

What do YOUR cats do at night?

Illustrator and artist by trade, Linda Cowen takes a swim in the Author Pool by writing her first children’s book, A Night with C4 and P4. She uses folks from her real life to inspire her story, and of course, her cats, good ol’ C4 and P4. You’ll giggle all the way through the story and marvel at the luminous artwork.

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Linda Cowen


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Bio Photo 2 for LindaNear the beaches of sunny Queensland, Australia, illustrator Linda Cowen surrounds herself with inspiration. People, animals, places, and moments all play a part in her delightful artistry, and her mind just spins them all together in one big tapestry of fun, such as was the case with this delightful cat tale.

From paintings to sketches, from tattoos to cartoons, she finds much joy in her work, which you will surely witness within these pages. In addition to an ever-growing list of creative achievements, including illustrating book covers for indie authors, she is now a published author herself, with this, her first book.

Join her on Racebook at www.facebook.com/create.forfun. She is also an illustrator for thewordverve authors, covers and interior images (www.thewordverve.com/linda-cowen. Contact writenow@thewordverve.com for more details on how you can hire Linda to help your book jump to life!