As a champion for authors and the readers who love them, we at THEWORDVERVE strive to offer the highest quality of services in publishing and editing. We respond to each request with absolute personalized attention, focusing on goals that work best for YOU and your book.

THEWORDVERVE family tree includes two main branches: indie publishing and professional editing, both of which are discussed below.


THEWORDVERVE serves as publisher to authors writing in a variety of genres in both fiction and nonfiction categories. Our brand passion is to publish not so much a certain type of book, but one that is uniquely creative with a motivated author behind it. Not every book that is submitted to us will be offered a publishing contract.

There are three ways we may serve an author in the publishing realm:

  • Traditional publishing
  • Hybrid publishing
  • Book shepherd for self-publishing

Our traditional publishing model is reserved for seasoned authors with a large platform of current fans and high potential to gain new ones, as well as a history of success in their genre. This type of publishing arrangement does not require upfront fees and may include an advance against royalties.

Our hybrid publishing model is our most common and is perfect for authors who are new to the business or prefer a partner to work with them in their publishing journey. As the name implies, this is a mutually subsidized model with the author paying a flat fee for publishing in return for above-average royalty rates and complete oversight of the editing, design, and publishing processes using industry best practices and offering a royalty of at least 50% of net sales. These fees and royalty rates are determined on a personalized basis, depending on author experience and complexity of book. We follow industry standards for hybrid publishers as laid out by the IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association), of which we are a member.

Alternatively, if you are feeling called to self-publish your book, we can act as your book shepherd through the often complex journey of publishing. This fee will be based on an hourly rate to be determined on an individual basis.

Any recommendations or advice given in any of these publishing models does not guarantee success. It is our hope that through our wide range of experiences in both editing and publishing in many genres, our recommendations will be of value to you in terms of what to expect and how to get there.

Drop us a message to inquire about submission requirements, to share your book ideas, to ask your questions, and to discuss what service is right for you with THEWORDVERVE.


The second major branch of the THEWORDVERVE includes our a la carte EDITING SERVICES, which cover the gamut of editing phases. You can choose all or one! We are proud to have worked with hundreds of indie authors, many in bestselling sales categories, helping them reach the stars on their book journeys. See below for estimates on pricing and details for the various types of edits.

Note: Owner and editor-in-Chief, Janet Fix, is also Reedsy approved, so if you are an author who uses freelance services through Reedsy, you can find her there under the editing category.


We can fill in the gaps, or write it from scratch. Business or personal, we will discuss your goals and make it happen.  Give us the data, and we will write it and shape it and tweak it and shine it up. We can also help as a developmental writing “coach”, which may include all of the above, plus helping you find your focus on your precious project.

Design and Publishing

Let us help with your book cover, interior design and formatting, and publishing needs. We will review your project and provide recommendations as to your next step.


Through years of experience and education, we are true professionals in all the areas of content, structure, grammar, and punctuation. We are proficient at all levels of editing services, from a simple proofread to the more in-depth working relationship required in content editing. We are happy to research for clarity and verification, and enjoy the challenges of occasionally thinking outside the box to add some individuality to your project.

Our turnaround time can be blazing fast or our usual good clip – whatever your needs require . . .  and we are budget friendly. The efficiency and cost savings of adding us to your team will leave you more time for your own personal and business needs, and maybe even an extra hair on your head!!

Contact thewordverve to get started :: Email!


No Buyer’s Remorse Here… Sleep Well!

As much as we like to avoid cookie-cutter rates and prefer instead to offer prices unique to your project, we also realize ya gotta start somewhere. To give you an idea of what to expect generally, our pricing is as follows.

Let us help with your book cover, interior design and formatting, and publishing needs. We will review your project and provide recommendations as to your next best step.

Includes a heavy content/developmental edit, such as potential plot holes, story arcs, character development, segues, clarity, and points of view. Also includes a copy edit, which covers mechanics such as verb tenses and sentence structures, as well as attention to applicable style guidelines. (Final proofread is a separate fee, as per below.) $0.035 per word.

Includes checking for consistency, clarity, and good flow of ideas, as well as correct grammar and punctuation, (Final proofread is a separate fee, as per below.)  $0.025 per word.

Basic grammar and punctuation, a final pass after more thorough editing has already taken place.  $0.01 per word

Writing Coach and Writing Projects for Business, Personal, or Marketing Purposes:  Pricing based on estimated hours and structure.

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